Soundtrack to “Filmen om Pushwagner”, a documentary about Norwegian artist Hariton Pushwagner, directed by Even Benestad and August Baugstø Hanssen. The soundtrack consists of adapted music from Ugress and various side projects. The soundtrack was released with the film, supported by a live cinema tour, and a music video.

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  1. Ugress – Tentacle Lullaby (Pushwagner Edit)
  2. Shadow Of The Beat – Penrose Rabbit Hole
  3. Ninja 9000 – Katoku Pokus
  4. Ugress – Coffee (Pushwagner Edit)
  5. Ugress Sepia Rainbows
  6. Ninja 9000 – Goblin Roadtrip
  7. Nebular Spool – Campfire Story For One
  8. Ugress – Voyage En Noir
  9. Ugress – Loops Can Be Deceptive (Pushwagner Edit)
  10. Shadow Of The Beat – Liquid Rust
  11. Nebular Spool – Abandoned Supermarket Muzak
  12. Ugress – Jeanne Theme IV
  13. Ugress – Il Pirata (Pushwagner Edit)
  14. Shadow Of The Beat – Phragrangst (Instrumental)
  15. Ugress – Regression 22

Composed, arranged, programmed and produced by Gisle Martens Meyer. Published by Uncanny Planet. Distribution by Phonofile.



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