Aelita – Queen Of Mars


Aelita – Queen Of Mars is a live soundtrack to the silent Soviet science-fiction epic from 1924.

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  1. Ante Odeli Uta
  2. Secret High Society
  3. Planetarian Waltz
  4. Mars Needs Science
  5. A Theatre To Out-Theatre
  6. Disintegration
  7. A Gun Enters
  8. The Elder Council
  9. Cold Storage
  10. Grief Under Cover
  11. Rocket Liftoff
  12. Spatial Commute
  13. Martian Landscape
  14. Red Planet Revolution
  15. Love Ever After

Aelita was the first Soviet science-fiction film, and also the first film to depict life on another planet. With its impressive constructivist sets and costumes, Aelita introduced fantastical elements and tropes still echoing in current sci-fi.

The music for Aelita is built from samples and sounds of later Soviet sci-fi production from 1936 to 1989, in effect having Aelita’s “children” as a sound-design and musical tool. The score also uses musical techniques and devices from modernist composers and productions contemporary of director Protazanov.

Aelita is part of the “Fantastic Women” trilogy of silent films: Häxan (2015), La Passion de Jeanne D’Arc (2013) and Aelita – Queen Of Mars (2012).

Composed, arranged, programmed and produced by Gisle Martens Meyer. Published by Uncanny Planet. The project was comissioned by Cinemateket USF, funded by Det Norske Komponistfond and FFLB, and premiered at Cinemateket USF December 2012, with further showings in Norwegian cinemas winter/spring 2012/2013.


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