JK Wedding Dance: It Was A "Commercial"
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The JK Wedding dance went viral a few weeks back, and the video itself is real (and awesome). It looks like a great wedding, and Mr and Mrs Jill and Kevin Awesome are directing any income from the viral hit into violence prevention. They are full of married win.

There are so many good vibrations from this video, it makes it hard to be the sour grape. But observe, perhaps, how this video also makes for great advertisement opportunities. And somebody noticed, quickly enough. The viral hit, the global spread, is not as real as you think. The viral wave is constructed and executed by Sony, the label behind the artist who's song is featured in the video.

Go-Digital blog does some digital forensics and breaks down the facts.

What this means, really, is that what you thought was "something cool, someone I knew sent me this, it's REAL!!" really was a very clever, well executed, well funded marketing campaign from major label Sony. Yes it is real, but it is also a commercial. Very cleverly, you were tricked into watching a commercial and made feeling it was not.

Most people watching it will never know they watched a commercial. And if somebody told them, they wouldn't care, they wouldn't want to know that. We will be watching many more like these.

Something happened with this video. The control shifted from no-one, or from the idea, or from the video itself, into those with resources to make something become viral, simultaneously as they hide in the shadows.

The wedding of J & K is awesome. Sony is milking their awesomeness.  Danger, Will Robinson!