Planet U: Episode Two: Monument Dilution
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Ugress - Monument Dilution by GMM

Erosion, the inevitable caress of time.

Monument Dilution is the third track from Planet U Episode Two, performed appropriately and majestically by the wonderful Frankenflügel - every single piano tone comes from some random source in music history.

Notes on production

This track is built from hundreds (maybe thousands) of tiny, forgotten, fragmented bits of musical history, patiently located, organized, edited, adjusted, assembled and reanimated.

The background arrangement is built from a nice bunch of 60s vinyl loops and phrases. Most of them I changed from major to minor, re-pitched to a common key, removed sporadic melodic elements to keep it simpler, and cut them all up for each rhythmical element and rearranged so they all play the same sort of simplistic, repeating "band" pattern. Layered on top of this a bunch of breaks cut up similarly. Not so much new there really just work.

I wrote most of the musical elements of the track a year ago, tried it out in earlier versions at some live shows but realized this wasn't a live track, at least not in the current form. Then I invented...

The Frankenflügel

The real star is my ghostly beautiful, conceptually lovable Franken-flügel. I moved the making-of explanation of this instrument into a separate post.

Monument Dilution is available as a free download.


#1, by Construct on March 22th 2011, at 16:55
Any chance of making the Frankenflügel available for download as Kontakt Instrument?

I LOVE it!

Instant scary piano music!

#2, by shabbytech on March 23th 2011, at 09:20
Definitively the best of Planet U: Episode Two so far. The Frankenflügel is amazing, and so is the bass towards the end. Eerie feel to the composition. Love it.

#3, by GMM on March 23th 2011, at 22:56
#1 Construct, no chance, it's miiiiiiiiiiiiine

#2 shabbytech, thanks!

#4, by amundskjii on March 26th 2011, at 18:50
Sweet, you just got a new fan of your works! I'm looking forward to hear more from your Frankenflügel. Keep up the good werk!

#5, by jan on April 9th 2011, at 16:37
the FRANKENFLÜGEL!?! you gotta be kidding me. this is just awesome!!!

#6, by Moooo on April 21st 2011, at 16:07
I still can't get over how brilliant Monument Dilution is. Deliciously dark.