Videos: Youtube, Merlin, Phonofile clarification
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A few months ago I reported on an agreement for my music on video sharing sites like Youtube. Anyone can use my music as much as they want in personal videos, and the system will recognize it and distribute any ad revenue automatically.

When the system recognizes my music, you might get a message that seems a little cryptic, something like this: 

Your video "Title Of Video", may have content that is owned or licensed by [Merlin] Phonofile, but it’s still available on YouTube! In some cases, ads may appear next to it.

 This claim is not penalizing your account status. 

This message is good news! Phonofile / Merlin are my guys. 

Here is how it works: My label is Uncanny Planet, which is really just a tiny company I run myself. Uncanny Planet delivers and licenses all my material to Phonofile, my digital distributor. Both Phonofile and Uncanny Planet are members of indie label organisation Merlin, who negotiates mega-deals for indie labels towards media giants like Google, Apple, etc. 

This is a nice setup. I concentrate on music, Phonofile concentrate on getting it out everywhere, and Merlin concentrate on making the deals. Youtube concentrate on Darth Vader on a Unicycle playing Imperial March with Bagpipes. Everything is ship-shape gaffer-tape perfectly right.  

I'm sorry it's not clear from those messages that the content is owned by me, and licensed to Phonofile / Merlin. 


#1, by cookiedivine on March 28th 2012, at 16:33
Haha the Darth Vader vid is classic ain't it?? :D

#2, by To4m3nto4 on March 28th 2012, at 22:22
Hey- i really love your musi and i like use them in my motorbike videos, like this:


#3, by Lisa on March 29th 2012, at 05:30
I got one of these messages for using music that was gotten from garageband, completely royalty free. Weirded me out a little

#4, by Developer on May 14th 2012, at 09:12
Hello. We want to buy the rights to use music in a video on youtube, the song David Tavaré-Summerlove (Radio Edit).

#5, by king0097 on May 28th 2012, at 23:51
hi, i did not use any of your music, but still comes up with the copyright warning. my video footage was straight from a game...

#6, by GMM on May 29th 2012, at 15:07
Guys: Please realize that you will get this message for A LOT OF OTHER ARTISTS not just me. Getting a copyright claim related to Merlin means it COULD BE ANY MERLIN ARTIST or material, not only me. It could be any one of probably millions. If you invest some effort and actually read the text above and look at the graphic and understand it you would get it. I'm sorry music licensing is such a jungle. I'm closing this to avoid further confusement.