Kids; smarter than they look, but clueless anyway
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Torrentfreak has a funny and interesting interview with a 9 year old file-sharer, Hannah.

Great read, a peek at the upcoming generation, kids growing up with everything available. My favorite part is when she is asked about breaking the law, and responds:

- Why would they put music on the internet and invent mp3 players if it was against the law?

Indeed, why would we. Sometimes children are smarter than one expect. Sometimes.

(The image is just a random google pirate kid image, not Hannah.)


#1, by sysrq868 on November 5th 2007, at 19:11
Oh, what a police-controlled world this is. One day you think you have it all figured out and then you suddenly go to jail before life even started. Oh well.

Looking forward for the opinions of Hannah, 79, about file-sharing and its legal status in 2077.