iPhone 3G
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A few weeks ago I picked up an iPhone 3G. I was initially sceptic to the device, and I held out to see what the Androidy G1 phone would provide. IMHO, the G1, and also Android, does not deliver at all. My current Nokia N95 was becoming old, and in particular, I used the iPod Touch for a few months, and the Mac integration, the interface and the app store contents intrigued me. I looked for solutions to my caveats, and found them.

The unlock procedure from Netcom was hilarious, I bought the phone with the cheapest contract, and two minutes later I called Netcom to terminate. The customer rep then actually terminated me instantly, while I was on the phone with him, in the middle of a sentence. WTF. Before he had told me how to proceed from there. Just like that, beep. SIM expired. Couldn't make calls. Which sent me back to the store to resolve the unlock process completely. Bloody amateurs.

The camera is utter batshit crap. That sucks. I really miss my N95 camera. Might have to get the rumoured new Red thing. The Safari web browser is great for a mobile device, but could be better. Opera Mini was great on Symbian, but they are screwing things up by themselves. Bluetooth appears tacked on as an afterthought and not properly integrated as a local communication protocol. Call quality and 3G/HSDPA coverage is slightly worse than the N95.

But other than that, for my use, the iPhone rocks. The interface is light-years ahead of anything on any phone, and the integration with my email, contacts, calendars, todos, notes and all my digital media is plusher than genetically modified velvet, smoother than nano-shaved silk.

Everything is synced all the time everywhere. Without me doing anything. In addition, I am using Omnifocus as my external brain, with all my plans and todos and projects. Having a synced, location aware client of Omnifocus on the phone is more futuristic than flying cars - when I'm at the electronics or stationary store, the phone KNOWNS I am there, by GPS, and reminds me, "hey you should pick up CD-R's". 

I have no problem with the battery drain, it is the same as all my other phones the last few years. I fixed the tethering issue by getting a separate USB 3G HSDPA modem on a twin SIM with my contract, where I have a free dataplan, which means I have a 1 megabit connection on the laptop anytime anywhere, and the same separately on the phone. This was my biggest concern, and the solution turned out to be better than my previous setup, the modem is faster online than via the phone, and drains no phone battery.

After a few weeks of use, besides making my day to day communication beautiful, and my travels less boring, the greatest part of the phone is the app store. There are some incredible gems in there, and for each week there appears better and more mature apps. The iPhone as a software platform is definitively going places.

And now lets get that iPhone C64 emulator up and running.


#1, by Mads on November 5th 2008, at 22:10

Tried this? Looks like a pocket-Lemur.

#2, by GMM on November 6th 2008, at 21:03
Ooh that looks great! I already have the Lemur, it fills my multitouch needs pretty good, but it is not wireless. Great with handheld alternatives, thanks!