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Email is the easiest way to contact us at

For conversation, join on my Patreon and get access to the Ugress Discord server.

Sign up to the mailinglist to get notified of new releases, livestreams, events, concerts. Average traffic, around 8-12 emails pr year.

Official social networks

I have artist profiles on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Instagram. I am not regularly using social media, posts are mostly pre-scheduled and automated. But I do check in once a month or so, especially when publishing releases I am “there”, with focus on conversation around the release.

Generally email is by far the most optimal way to contact me.

Personal website and personal social media

For non-Ugress projects there is the artist and composer website and you can also follow my personal Twitter @supergmm, Instagram @gimame and Vimeo @gmm accounts with slightly different content from the official ones.