Frequently Asked Questions:

0. Can you remove your copyright claim on my Youtube video?

Yes, you then need a license, the cost of the license depends on the situation. See the license question below for details how to secure a license.

It is NOT possible to remove the copyright claims for free. But you can still always use the music! Depending the geographic location of the viewer, they might experience ads.

1. We are a Chinese company. We want to publish your track X in China. Can we chat?


The music is already distributed in China on all platforms via The Orchard (Sony Music). If you want to license a track for a specific situation, see question 4.

2. Can we book Ugress for a live event concert?

Yes, but not always.

I tend to shift between hermit studio periods and social touring periods. If I’m already in a touring period it’s usually easy to book us. In compositional periods I prefer to focus in the studio, and then it is not easy (read: expensive). Also please be aware both my calendar and my crew who works with other artists too, everyone is usually fully booked 6-18 months in advance, so do please get in touch as early as possible.

Details we need to know to respond with a quote: Event/situation/festival/context. Location. Venue. Length. Host. Promoter. Technical supplier. Budget. Marketing plans. Contact person for technical production. (Of course most concert situations does not have all this but there more we know the quicker we can say yes/no/price.)

3. Can I use your music in my student project / portfolio / personal video for free? 

Yes, personal use is fine and no specific license is needed. Please credit, either during use or clearly in description and credits.

Note that on most platforms the music will probably be automatically recognised by content ID systems, there will be ads, and you will not be able to monetise the video.

4. Can we use your music in our commercial project? (LICENSE)

Yes, for most kinds of material, and with a license.

Commercial productions (including non-profit and no-budget) have to contact us and secure a sync license, and adhere as usual to synchronization laws in the country/countries of production/distribution. We do not license music to identity, religious or political content.

Our sync rates are adaptable, we tune the cost to your situation, but it’s unfortunately not possible to license for free.

We need to know: Who makes what, what kind of production is it, a one-sentence synopsis, what track(s) do you want to use, which part(s), for how long, for how many episodes, how big and what kind is the distribution, is it digital/physical, what is the marketing budget, for how long do you need the license (months/years), what geographical area, what kinds of media, etc. etc.

Obviously we don’t need to know all of this in all cases, but the more we know the quicker this goes. It’s always very different depending on production and target media (film, tv, game, web, theatre, radio?) but the more we know, the faster we can say yes/no/terms/price.

5. I got a message “this content is owned by Uncanny Planet / The Orchard / Sony Music / Merlin / Phonofile” when using your music in a private, personal video? Is it not yours?

Uncanny Planet is my own label. The Orchard (previously named Phonofile) is our aggregator, that means the company distributing the music to digital services like iTunes, Youtube and, Spotify. The Orchard is owned by Sony Music so that might appear as well. Merlin is a network representing indie labels where our very own label Uncanny Planet is member. They are all acting as representatives for us, and negotiang the terms of use on the various platforms.

When you get this message, it should mostly just mean that the system has identified the owner of the music, and those companies are correct, they work “for us”, it is nothing to worry about.

6. Where does sample X come from in track Y?

There are no samples it is all made by drawing pixels in a sample editor.

7. Can you compose music for a project? 

Maybe. Get in touch with your plans early. The most common reason for having to say no is that requests always comes in way too late!

My schedule are typically fully booked 12-18 months ahead. If your project happens in the next few weeks/months, that time is often already taken. So even if I like your project I simply can’t do it because of scheduling. PLEASE do get in touch as early as possible.

8. I messaged you on social media but you never replied? 

I don’t have the capacity to use social media for messaging.

Email is the best way to reach me.

If you want to converse about my work, please join my Patreon. There are monthly posts with comments and follow-ups on both current and historical work, and there is a Discord server for regular chatting. Though traffic mostly tends to congregate around the monthly livestreams, so you could also just show up and comment in a livestream.

9. Can you listen to my music, check out my project?


10. Can we collaborate?


11. Can we…

NO. I’m a lone wolf.

12. Vinyl?

Yes, every few years I print vinyl. Next batch of vinyl is expected late 2024 / early 2025.

13. When are you coming HERE?

Post-pandemic I’m now regularly live online at ugress.tv.

As a performing artist, I am live frequently with various projects not necessarily promoted as Ugress, but very often Ugress material is part of those performances. In addition to Ugress you can also follow my composer profile on social media to be informed of new performances.

As a traditional “band” performing classic Ugress tracks, we tour maybe every second year or so? Depending on album release schedules and global pandemics. See ugress.com/live for current calendar (if any), or follow us on social media for updates.

My question is not in the FAQ?

Oh dear! How can we help?