Ugress is created by Gisle Martens Meyer, composer, producer and performing artist, also working with comissioned works and performances outside of the Ugress universe. Browse the works and blog categories on the composer website for articles, making-of’s, music, short films, videos and media artworks.


Earlier Ugress websites had tons of free downloads, and secret areas for each album release. All of these tracks are now all available to download on my Patreon page.


Ugress has several major and minor sideprojects.

nebular-trioNebular Spool, post-apocalyptic glitch and gloomy ambient is the most prolific with four album releases.

ninja-trioNinja 9000 is video-game-ish 8-bit retro chiptune electronica, with three EP releases.

sotb-trioShadow Of The Beat is dark, detailed and dubsteppy drum n base, with three releases.

In addition there has been several one-release projects: Spokelseskladden a collection of video-game-ish soundtracks, and Pixxeltyger, a sonic collage of 80ies neon-pastel loops and beats.


You can still access static archives of the previous 2000, 2002, 2005 and 2009 websites. Please be aware that internal links in the archives are probably broken, but you can still browse them chronologically.