“Total electronic opera” – music in epic cinemascope

Ugress by Gisle Martens Meyer creates vivid and colorful music with a cinematic scope. Spanning electronica, film, triphop, dub and EDM, their music is featured in award-winning movies, TV series, art and blockbuster videogames. With a playful mix of epic nostalgia, mysterious sci-fi moods and irresistible groovy beats, the artist has won acclaim for their visual live performance, an entertaining combination of live concert, cinema, musicvideo and videogame experience.

There Is No Here, Here

Ugress regularly tour European clubs, cinemas and festivals for music, art and technology. In a post-apocalyptic forest of screens, devices and projections, the artist performs live music with electric violin, vocals, computers, voice and samplers. An unreal reality emerges in this electric forest of portals – an instant emotional connection between artist and audience, but divided across multiple layers and screens. The real-time splinter of attention and emotion is familiar to all of us with our reality distributed across devices, apps, profiles and messages.

With melodic, atmospheric and energetic music, the artist performs through movies, Youtube-clips, dating-apps, vintage computers and cloudy datacenters, they run through videogames and climb social media walls, always restlessly hunting through a series of hyper-real, mediated scenarios. Where is the real here, here?


Ugress launched with their own self-released vinyl in 2000, and has since released several albums with gold status in Norway, and seen several nominations to the Norwegian Emmys, Golden Globe and Oscars.

Ugress’ tracks are regularly featured by Spotify in their darker corners of the playlist universe, and they’ve created soundtracks and songs for several large films, TV and videogames like NRK’s Expedition Arctic and SONY’s PlaystationLittle Big Planet. They have made comissions, productions and performances for a large range of international institutions, among them: Norwegian National Broadcaster, Norwegian National Ballett, Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra, Tanzhaus NRW Düsseldorf, Theatre Bernardine Marseille, ZKM Karlsruhe, InShadow Lisboa, MarteLIVE Roma and Sala Hiroshima, Barcelona.

The word “Ugress” is Norwegian and means wild plants, weeds.