The Bow Corpse at Samklangfunnet, March 18th
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Wednesday March 18th I present the music, concept and custom developed swarm simulator software behind The Bow Corpse (BIT20 Ensemble / Nattjazz 2015) at Samklangfunnet, an evening that explores the fusion between technology and music:

The technological evolution of the twentieth century has had an enormous impact on what it means to be a performing musician. Musicians from The Grieg Academy, The Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra and The BIT20 Ensemble will explore some of the possibilities modern technology has provided musicians of our time.

This evening I will give an introduction to, insight into and part performance of the commissioned piece Bow Corpse, performed by BIT20 Ensemble, using swarm simulators to investigate the musical and sonic possibilities of big data and social media. This is the third “public beta” of the work before the full premiere at Nattjazz June 1st.

  • Samklangsamfunnet: Music and technology
  • Teglverket, Det Akademiske Kvarter, Bergen, Norway
  • Wednesday March 18th, 20:00
  • Official website event, Facebook event


Ut Av Skogen - Festspillene i Bergen
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I’m doing a comission for Festspillene i Bergen based on the life and music of  Norwegian composer Harald Sæverud.

The working title is “Ut av skogen”, in English “Coming out of the forest”. There will be trolls.

The work will have two versions, an adult version performed May 26th at the festival opening at Festplassen, and a family version performed June 7th in the wild forest outside the composers villa Siljustøl.

Music for NRK Oppdrag Nansen
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I'm creating the music for upcoming new NRK TV series Oppdrag Nansen.

Norwegian National Broadcasting are sending four teenagers on expedition to the Arctic, to research, investigate and document what’s happening in these harsh – but fragile – ecosystems, now with our changing climate.

Broadcast starts autumn 2015 for season 2015-2016. More info at the composer website. 

The Bow Corpse - Public Beta, Jan 16th
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Bow Corpse - Nuria GMM

Tiny microsounds in massive swarm formations, a social media dystopia. The Bow Corpse is a commissioned concert work for contemporary orchestra BIT20, premiering at the Nattjazz festival, June 1st 2015.
The Bow Corpse takes place in a future where social media has destroyed individuality. It deals with privacy, big data, tracking and the end of obscurity. Each instrument in the orchestra is digitally enhanced with their own swarm of digital clones. The live performance on June 1st features twelve human performers, 4096 realtime digital clones, using custom developed realtime swarm flocking software. 8 musicians of BIT20, Thomas T. Dahl on guitar, co-composer Craig Farr on drums, and Nuria Guiu Sagarra on choreography and movement.
This coming Friday there will be a public beta, a work-in-progress showcase at BEK. I'll explain, discuss and perform our custom software, try the music, perform parts of the piece, observe reactions, note (and probably ignore) feedback.
In our digital lives we are generating endless amounts of data. We happily ignore it, sprinkling our lives with a delicious, digital trail of trash. Big data uses this trash to uncover patterns and meanings on both an individual and societal level. This can benefit us, and it can hurt us. Which data is evil, which is good?
The Bow Corpse uses these same mechanisms, but in realtime on a stage. Thousands of unwanted, disregarded microscopic sounds, orchestral sonic trash, is multiplied into cloud societies, huge swarms. Each sound by itself is dumb, but the hive is intelligent. The cloud reveals textures, patterns, melodies, rhythms. There is beautiful music, there is noise. Which is good, which is evil?
Each musician on stage is followed by their own realtime swarm of digital clones. These clones are built from the microscopic, everyday sounds from each instrument, the sonic trash usually ignored and avoided in an acoustic instrument. Fingers touching wood. Hands gripping handles. The hairs of a bow upon contact with the string. Lips embracing metal. The gesture of a stick, displacing air through movement. Valves closing.
These sounds usually disappear in a performance. But when captured, organized and then multiplied to thousands of thousands, these tiny, forgettable sounds appear, as massive clouds, systems, patterns.
App Screenshot 150110
The Bow Corpse uses custom software, developed by Joao Fonseca, to trigger, run and then filter these swarms and their clones. The clones are built from extensive recording sessions with each musician and their instrument. Previously, we did public betas with individual ghosts and a single swarm. This week I will be working at BEK, setting up the software to run ghosts on multiple computers simultaneously, creating the orchestra setup.
On Friday, January 16th, there will be a public talk and demo. First a short intro explaining the background, concept, method and sources, and a demonstration how the swarm app works in this context, and then a 10-15 minute impro beta performance, using segments of the score, the app, the sounds and trying out the technology in front of a forgivable but clever public. 
The event is open for all.
  • The Bow Corpse (Work-In-Progress, Public Beta)
  • Friday Jan 16th, 12:00
  • BEK (Bergen Center For Electronic Arts), Bergen, Norway
  • C. Sundtsgate 55, 9th floor (top floor)
  • Expected runtime including feedback, 45 min
Grahpic credits: Cecilie Bannow (top), Joao Fonseca (app),  Jarle H. Moe (recording sessions).


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Music for SONY's Little Big Planet 3
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Sony's Little Big Planet 3 for the Playstion 4 is out today, Nov 18th.

The game was developed by Sumo Digital in the UK. I was commisioned to create music for one of the levels, the "old-skool russian steampunk" space-rocket level. The score is dynamically mixed and structured by the game engine depending on gameplay. Here is a 90 sec excerpt where most of the elements appear.

It's not usually this busy during gameplay but gives a sense of content and tone. After unlocking the level the music is available for use and remix in building your own levels and worlds.

Little Big Planet is out now everywhere on Big Little Planet, and of course through the Playstation store and websites.


Portal - Premiere, Oktoberdans, Oct 20th
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Portal, a dance performance by Nuria Guiu with live music by GMM, premieres October 20th at Oktoberdans.

A portal is a doorway – to past, present or future worlds - to different realities - to different versions of ourselves.

Portal revolves around the themes in Douglas Rushkoff’s book Present Shock: When Everything Happens Now and his term digiphrenia, which tries to capture the experience of living multiple editions of ourselves simultaneously, especially in the digital world where we exist as multiple profiles. Social media changes the relationship between our body and our consciousness - and so our understanding of time and space changes.


Are we living our lives, or simulating living?


Ugress and ROMA 2089 Live, Roma
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Performing two live shows at the MarteLIVE Biennale festival this week, in Rome. The performances are part of the Nordic Landscapes programme at the Pelanda Factory, attached to the MACRO Museum of Contemporary Arts.
ROMA 2089 is a 30 minute musical work that uses sounds, graphics and video from Roma city to build a retro-futuristic observation of Rome today, built through a recent residency at Circolo Scandinavo, June 2014. It involves vampires, gladiatrixes, singing fountains and mutated elephants amok in churches.
Ugress Live is an upgraded electro-cinema show with both released and unreleased Ugress tracks, electronic music with a cinematic twist. This time I'm experimenting with realtime digitally processed acoustic-instruments and trying out some new customized visuals.

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ROMA 2089 - Can't Climb Your Wall
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The final part of my work in Rome, Can't Climb Your Wall, a pop-song finale. The lonely vampire Draculus is haunting an empty Rome, with his unrecruited love for the ghostly gladiatrix Moria. It's hard to be a vampire and allergic to blood. 

Also available are videos of part one Rome, part two Draculus and part three Moria. Each episode introduces the various sounds and graphics. And there are reports from each of the 24 production days in the personal blog

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Ugress Kids at J. G. Ballard sci-fi festival, Oslo
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Only Connect is a sci-fi music festival in Oslo inspired by the ideas and the universe of the influential British author J.G. Ballard. This year's festival is dedicated to Jon Bing (1944-2014), author, professor and science fiction enthusiast who got J.G. Ballard translated to Norwegian. Mr Bing was instrumental in creating this years festival but sadly passed away earlier this year.

I'm supposed to be a hermit composing in a bubble right now, not performing, but Mr Bing is one of my childhood heroes, I still want to live aboard the library solar-sail spaceship Alexandria. And Mr. Ballard one of my favorite authors. (I don't want to live in his high-rise.)

And also, actually, exposing children to the possible technological mayhem of machines taking control and making us dance is a hard job but somebody's got to do it. 

  • Ugress Kids (ages 5-800)
  • Only Connect, Festival of Sound, Ny Musikk
  • Saturday May 24, at 12:00
  • Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo, Norway (website)
  • NOK 50,- (tickets)

There is the intriguing festival programme.


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Swarms Of Ghost Clones - Research Performance - Bitlounge, Jan 18th
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I’m comissioned to create a work for Norwegian contemporary music ensemble BIT20. Premiere is set for spring 2015. Work will take place through 2014, partly in public "beta-tests" of concepts and techniques. First tryout is at the BITLounge part of BIT20's Secret Theatres at Bergen Kjøtt on January 18th.
The concept for this tryout is using swarms and flocks to recreate zombie clones of musicians. I’m currently intrigued with big data and privacy. In wetware, swarms and individuals. 
I am using these themes both theoretically and practically to build instruments and create music. I already started working with the orchestra, having individual sessions with the performers of the ensemble. I’m currently working on creating ghost clones of musicians and musical phenomena, and then using swarm and crowd simulators to create flocks of these ghost clones, and THEN using these hive-minded clone armies as musical instruments. 
We will discover if this actually works on January 18th. For this evening, I am inviting Nuria Guiu Sagarra (choreography, dance) to join me on stage, I expect this to be a highly physical, responsive and movable work. 
BitLounge is not part of the programmed concert, but a separate event after the main concert programme. You kind of buy a ticket to Secret Theatres (which will be awesome) and get these clone experiments as an extra. 
  • Swarms Of Ghost Clones
  • BITLounge, Bergen Kjøtt, Bergen, Norway (map)
  • Saturday 18th January, 2014, starts at 20:00 
  • After the regular concert programme "Secret Theatres
  • Expected runtime approx 15-20 min
  • Open for observations and comments post-performance


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