Next livestream on Dec 15


Next and final livestream concert of 2023 is scheduled for Friday December 15th, 2023 at 20:00 CET, live on Youtube. Just like the previous livestream in November, my focus this time will be heavily on new music. I am currently creating a lot of new music for the upcoming album, and will try out as much as possible in front of a “live” audience. (This means there will be a lot of work-in-progress tracks.)

In addition, as always you can expect:

Classic Ugress hits
Obscure gems from the dusty archives
Testing out wild ideas and strange prototypes
Live music-video visuals
Interactive Zoom audience

I’m performing live music videos, you can join as audience via Zoom and then appear live in the graphics. You can of course also lurk and watch completely anonymous, or watch it as a recording later.

As usual, warmup and hangout starts 30 minutes before, at 19:30. Then the concert part is at 20:00, with an approximate concert runtime of around 45 mins.

See you December 15th!


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