Live at Parkteatret, Oslo on October 5th


On Saturday, October 5th 2024, Ugress perform with live band at Parkteatret, Oslo. Tickets are on sale now. This will be the release concert for the new album “Retrotopia,” which drops on Friday, October 4th.

“Retrotopia” continues Ugress’s artistic focus on sci-fi, technology, and alternative realities. The concept explores an interactive multiverse of historical futures, from early pulp sci-fi through the psychedelic waves of the 60s and the angst-ridden VR of the 90s, up to the contemporary woke utopian solarpunk. Speculative stories are mixed with sci-fi music videos and interactive media, to explore how memories, visions, media, and technology combine in a vain search for “the right future.”

Ugress has previously performed at Parkteatret in 2011, 2018, and 2022. For this concert, Ugress will perform with guest artists in a live band setup. Confirmed so far is long-time collaborator Nasra Ali Omar on drums and percussion. Additional musicians and the program will be announced continuously.

Tickets are on sale now at Ticketmaster Norway.


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