EPK: Black Anorak

Faeries of norse mythology roam a post-apocalyptic landscape.

The gloomy and groovy new release Black Anorak by Ugress blends the sonic textures of black metal, norse folk and abandoned ruins with dark electronica and film music.

Created by media artist and composer Gisle Martens Meyer, the album references cult norwegian action-music scores from the 80ies like Orion’s Belt and Etter Rubicon, while also incorporating elements of black metal, folk music and using samples from abandonded buildings and infrastructure in western norwegian fjords. Black Anorak features contributions from folk musician Annlaug Børsheim on kveding, a particular norwegian vocal song technique, and the Hardangerfiddle, a traditional western norwegian string instrument, with a double set of strings to create sympathetic resonance to the main strings.

Black Anorak is out November 9th, 2018 on Uncanny Planet, distribution by The Orchard. Ugress performs live with their award-winning cinematic live show at Parkteateret, Oslo, November 15th.  Soundcloud streaming prelisten, Dropbox mp3 private download, Vimeo music video.