Plant Ugress

Congratulations on your recent ugress investment. We are certain it will bring you great pleasure and much success and your enemies their eternal annoyance and epic confusion.


Outdoors, sow from spring to mid summer (March – July in Northern hemisphere). Indoors anything goes. Sunny shade is neat. Spread seed mix lightly on earth, it helps if the earth is loose, moist and they can disappear a bit into it. So the evil, evil birds don’t hijack our invasion. Some space between seeds helps, think ahead, the plants are bigger than the seeds, right? But also guerrilla style drop it into the wind anywhere any way you want and wait for strange results. It takes on average 2-4 weeks for the various seeds to start booting.


Seeds of dandelion, thistles, nettles, chives, catnip, wildflower mix. There are also a few random seeds of wild cucumber and purple shiso (perilla) for WTFness.


“Ugress” is a Norwegian word and means weeds, as in wild and undomesticated plants, literally “un-grass”. The word has no drug connotations in Norwegian.