A multiverse of sci-fi futures, questioning our dreams of tomorrow.

“Retrotopia” by Ugress debuts on October 4th, 2024.

Retrotopia is a music album and a unique live concert experience. The concept merges live music, cinema and innovative audiovisual technology, to explore a vast spectrum of sci-fi futures, from the earliest pulp classics to the latest utopian solarpunk. The musical performance is either solo (Gisle Martens Meyer on samplers, electric violin, breath controller) or duo (with Nasra Ali Omar on percussion and drums), and adapts well to both music venues and cinemas.

Naive pulp classics of early 20th century were airly dreaming while modernist dystopias tried to avert world wars. Atomic monsters of the 50s mutated into psychedelic mindscapes of the 60s new wave. After the  working-class space operas of the 70s, digital technology led us through a cyberpunk childhood in 80s, then a 90s VR teenage angst period… and now we find ourselves in a middle-aged woke utopian solarpunk. Retrotopia dives into this interconnected multiverse of historical future visions.

The concert features live musicians, immersive visuals and music that bring historical visions of the future to life on the big screen, with the artist performing live on samplers, electric violin, and virtual flutes in responsive visuals.

About Ugress

Ugress is a media arts initiative led by Norwegian artist Gisle Martens Meyer, known for exploring the interplay between media and technology. The project has garnered acclaim for its large-scale audiovisual productions and primarily engages media-savvy adults aged 25-45 in Northern Europe and North America. Ugress’s music is widely featured in films, TV shows, video games, contemporary art, and online user-generated content.

Drummer, percussionist and vibraphonist Nasra Ali Omar is a long time collaborator and regular guest performer with Ugress. Martens Meyer and Omar has also created and performed scores to several silent movies together, performed at Bergen International Film Festival, Stumfilmfestivalen i Tromsø and Cinemateket i Oslo.

Touring major cities in Northern Europe every few years, Ugress showcases its innovative works. Martens Meyer is also known for his commissioned projects with prominent institutions including Norway’s national broadcaster NRK, the Meta.Morf biennale, Bergen International Festival, and SONY Interactive Europe.

Ugress is published by Uncanny Planet Records and distributed by The Orchard.

Media from earlier performances and works-in-progress


Still images, from concerts and works-in-progress livestreams