Ugress spiller på Det akademiske kvarter i Bergen, 21. mai 2010

Ugress is a Norwegian cinema-electro project created by Gisle Martens Meyer. The mostly instrumental music frequently appears in films, TV and videogames. Ugress Live is a highly visual and cinematic live music experience.

Ugress released their first EP “E-Pipe” on vinyl in 2000, followed by first full feature album “Resound” in 2002. The debut album was nominated for best new-comer at the Norwegian National Music Awards, followed by multiple albums and EPs through the 2000s, combined with years of extensive European touring.

The Ugress Live setup has shifted radically over the years, sometimes being a full band setup with guest musicians, sometimes solo with full orchestra, sometimes with contemporary dancers, sometimes with agriculture machinery, but most often always with a few live musicians and an enormous amount of screens and live visual imagery. Ugress performs equally well in cinemas, on club stages and in concert halls.

The music of Ugress pops up everywhere in film, TV and video games, placed in everything from blockbuster video games to art documentaries. The music is used as themes for serious news, for clever ads, epic film montages and dramatic extreme sports documentaries. The consistent exposure as a sync-friendly artist slowly has evolved the project towards composing and producing directly on comissions.

After 15 years with consistent releases Ugress is now primarily active as an artist, composer and producer for screens, stages and new media artforms.