Can you compose music for our project?

Would love to. Get in touch.

Can I use your music in my student project / portfolio / personal video? 

Yes. Please credit during use. If you are in doubt if your usage is personal, just ask us, see next question for details we need to know.

Can I use your music in a commercial project?

Yes, with a license. Commercial productions (including non-profit) have to contact us and secure a sync license, and adhere to synchronization laws in the country/countries of production/distribution.

In case you need a licence, don’t panic. Our sync rates are friendly, we adapt to your situation.

The more you can tell us the quicker we can give you an answer: Who makes it, what kind of production is it, a one-sentence synopsis, what track(s) do you want to use, which part(s), for how long, for how many episodes, how big and what kind is the distribution, is it digital/physical, what is the marketing budget, for how long do you need the license (months/years), what geographical area, what kinds of media, etc. etc. It’s very different depending on production and target media (film, tv, game, web, theatre, radio?) but the more we know the easier we can say yes/no/terms/price.

Just ask. We love to be asked, we love to say yes.

I got a message “this content is owned by Merlin / Phonofile” when using your music?

Phonofile is our aggregator, distributing the music to digital services like iTunes, Youtube, Spotify. Merlin is a network of indie labels where our own label Uncanny Planet is member. They are both acting as representatives for us, this message is nothing to worry about. It means everything is working like it should.


The previous albums and EPs are all sold out on vinyl. There are no concrete plans to make new editions.


No. Enough stuff on this planet.

When are you coming HERE?

As a performing artist, I perform live frequently with various projects, and very often Ugress material is part of those performances. See the calendar or follow my personal profiles on social media. As a traditional “band” performing “only” Ugress tracks, we perform maybe every second year or so? Depending on album release schedules.

How much do you earn from streaming on Spotify, Tidal etc?

A few years ago we calculated that if one person plays only Ugress songs for 24 hours on Spotify, that generates somewhere around 1 USD / 1 EUR. Then this sum is split between distributor, record label, performing artists, sample royalties, producers and songwriters. In some tracks, I handle all of these roles, in other tracks, these roles are split on multiple companies / people. So it very much depends.

Youtube is a bit different, and much less than Spotify.

Can you…

Yes. No. Maybe. Sometimes.