Cinematronics is the second studio album by Ugress, released in 2004, fronted by the music videos Manhattan Sapphire and Makina Fifth (featuring Therese Vadem). Download or stream directly from us through Bandcamp or listen in SpotifySoundcloudApple Music and all other services.

  1. Il Pirata
  2. Manhattan Sapphire
  3. Makina Fifth (featuring Therese Vadem)
  4. Cowboy Desperado
  5. Nightinggale (featuring Therese Vadem)
  6. Bad Deams Come True
  7. Binary Code
  8. The Beauty Never Lasts (featuring Therese Vadem)
  9. Monochromatic World
  10. Shadows And Doubts (featuring Therese Vadem)
  11. Battle 22
  12. Rainy Transylvanian Day

Composed, arranged, programmed and produced by Gisle Martens Meyer.
Text and vocals by Therese Vadem.
Bandoneon on Rainy Transylvanian Day by Kåre Jostein Simonsen.
Bass on Shadows And Doubts by Czhewr Affen.
Drums on Manhattan Sapphire by Hans Petter Lie-Nielsen.
Vocals and bandoneon recorded at Lydrommene, Bergen, Norway.
Cover by Bilder og Bokstaver.
Published by Uncanny Planet.
Distribution by Phonofile.


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