Unicorn is the third studio album from Ugress, released in 2008, a harder, more electronic and wild direction than the previous two studio albums. It was fronted by the music video Harakiri Martini who went viral in South Korea and is regularly shown on Japanese TV, but nobody realizes it is a music video. Download or stream directly from us through Bandcamp or listen in SpotifySoundcloudApple Music and all other services.

  1. Redrum (featuring Christine Litle)
  2. Lost In Time (featuring Heidi Marie Vestrheim)
  3. Evil Jeans
  4. Fail To Grow (featuring Christine Litle)
  5. Kommisär Kontemporär
  6. The Ultimate Fix (featuring Christine Litle)
  7. Harakiri Martini
  8. He Is My Listener (featuring Heidi Marie Vestrheim)
  9. Blue Magnetic Monkey (featuring Christine Litle)
  10. Zombie Eagles
  11. Regression 22

Composed, arranged, programmed and produced by Gisle Martens Meyer. Vocals by Christine Litle and Heidi Marie Vestrheim. Cover artwork by Spookelseskladden. Published by Uncanny Planet. Distribution by Phonofile.


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