Collectronics is a compilation album of singles and EPs released by Ugress between 2005 and 2010. Download or stream directly from us through Bandcamp or listen in SpotifySoundcloudApple Music and all other services.

  1. Klavier Aparat
  2. Nightswimming (featuring Christine Litle)
  3. Terapolis Nightclub Fantasy
  4. Ghost Von Frost
  5. Business Below
  6. Einhorn 22
  7. Sepia Rainbows
  8. Diurnal Entropy
  9. Skagerrak (featuring Christine Litle)
  10. Armada Of Evil Intentions
  11. Kosmonaut (featuring Therese Vadem)
  12. Explorer’s Demise
  13. NDBP Theme
  14. Trenchant Preliator
  15. Music For A Recursive Function
  16. Isolation

Composed, arranged, programmed and produced by Gisle Martens Meyer. Published by Uncanny Planet. Distribution by Phonofile.


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