Be the Internet Voice on the next album


UPDATE, Apr 13th 2018, release date: Well done Internet, an excellent project. The album is out now, and we also made a making-of report that explains how the track was created and how this fantastic Internet choir was used.

UPDATE, Feb 28th 2018, one week later: Wow! I’ve received several hundred recordings, this is AMAZING! Currently editing and mixing. Latecomers are still welcome but will be used for a later remix version. Thank you so much everyone! I’ve sent out a thank you message to everyone who registered their email (there was also a lot of anonymous contributions). If you haven’t received that email, or forgot, just drop me a note on email ugress at ugress com and I’ll add you manually to the list for pre-downloads.

Original post: We need hundreds of voices saying the same phrase for a song on the next album. Can you help us be this Internet Voice? Record the phrase below and

  • be featured on the next Ugress album, “The Wrong Future”, April 13th
  • get the full album as a free download one week before

What to say and how to send us Please speak the following, see the video above if you’d like instructions: There’s no me… here. There’s no you… here. There’s no us… here. There’s no here… here. You can record it directly right here, right now, in this huge white box.

You can also record it as a video or voice message on your mobile phone and send to us via Whatsapp and Telegram +49 151 6307 0415 or email at All kinds of voices and expressions welcome. Thank you so much for contributing, so great to have you onboard, The Internet!


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