Next album “Black Anorak” out November 9


Next album Black Anorak will be released November 9th. 🤘

Where the recent album The Wrong Future with heavy heart broke up with the future, the next album Black Anorak finds itself all alone in a surreal and desolate post-apocalyptic world. Combining old norse folk tones, hard electronica, black metal and symphonic film-music with samples from abandoned European ruins and dark Norwegian wilderness, Black Anorak inspects it’s very own futuristic heartbreak from a post-apocalyptic perspective.

A teaser, there is. Video above is prototype music video for “Toil”, featuring Annlaug Børsheim on the Hardanger fiddle. Material from Black Anorak will be presented live at the Parkteatret concert in Oslo, November 15th 2018.


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