Phantom Of The Wuxia Codec


First single from upcoming album “Ghoststorm” (coming August 23rd), Phantom Of The Wuxia Codec is a groovy cinematic love letter, painstakingly assembled from thousands of digital ghosts from the soundtracks of 70ies and 80ies asian kung-fu and wuxia movies, as well as american 70ies blacksploitation and seedy B-movies with their dusty, funky scores. Using a hacked army of AI, neural networks and style transfers, both the music and cover artwork are using state-of-the-art sonic wizardry to extract and re-animate the emotional and aesthetic essence of cult cinematic experiences.

You can download for free from Bandcamp, or listen in Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, Amazon, Soundcloud and all other services.

Ugress are on tour in Norway and Germany summer 2019.


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