Tour cancellations due to COVID-19


The first cancellations due to COVID-19 outbreak are in, and we expect more in the coming weeks. Here is a list of upcoming shows, their current status and how to refund tickets. Last update: Apr 12th 2020.

Z-Bar Berlin, Apr 2nd

Cancelled, sorry, the cinema must close. The May 15th and June 26th are currently still planned. If you have bought a ticket to this performance:

  • You can get a full refund, OR
  • You can use the ticket for any of the two later shows, assuming they go ahead as planned. No need to do anything, just show up, the ticket will be accepted. If you choose to wait and see, the refund option for this show is of course valid until the last show, as they could also be cancelled. So any unused tickets can be refunded until June 26th.
If you’d like a refund, you can do that through your Eventbrite account or just email me
Any cancelled shows will be rebooked with Z-Bar as soon as possible.
Tromsø, Apr 23rd and 25th
New date for Brudeferden i Hardanger film concert will be October 3rd.
Norway concert dates, Apr 30 – May 7th
The shows in Bergen, Stavanger, are now cancelled. The Bergen show is moved to December 3, Kristiansand is moved to November 25th. Tickets of course still valid, get in touch with the venue (where you bought the ticket if you’d)
Germany concert dates, May 15th – June 26th.
The shows in Berlin are currently still planned. Germany will re-assess the situation on April 20th, we will coordinate with venues then and update here. If all springs shows will be cancelled we will move them to autumn.
Sweden, Stockholm June 5th
The show in Stockholm on June 5th are currently still planned.
Autumn shows
We have several announced and several not-yet announced for the autumn, they are all still planned. We’re pausing announcements of new shows at the moment, as understandably, people aren’t flocking to buy tickets right now 🙂
Replacement shows
We are hard at work planning streaming internet concerts as soon as possible!
Stay safe, take care, wash hands, eat vitamins, stream songs

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