“Atrophy” livestream on July 9th

On July 9th I’m streaming live on Patreon an exclusive performance of “Atrophy In The Key Of Dreaming Books“, my musical concert work based on the sounds of books, libraries and datacenters – a sonic battle between analogue and digital knowledge. The concert starts at 20:00 CEST (UTC+02, Berlin/Oslo), there will be a short introduction, the full performance, and then hanging out after the show for comments and questions.
This stream is part of a monthly series of live exclusives I’m doing for my Patreon page. You can watch this live and participate with comments and questions on the “Live” tier at 16 EUR monthly, or you can watch the full recording, see behind-the-scenes photos and download the full music tomorrow on respectively the “Video” (8 EUR) and “Music” (4 EUR) tiers.
You can of course cancel or shift tiers anytime, so this also works as a kind of “single ticket” admission system. The full Atrophy EP with all the music of this project will be out as usual in Spotify, Youtube, Soundcloud and all other services in a few weeks.
Next regular Ugress livestream concert (free to stream for everyone) continues in late August. 😉



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