Postapocalyptic Slow TV music video


withoutusness – a 90 minute postapocalyptic slow TV music video with no music, no story, no people, no products, no influencing, no where, no drama, no us.

I find these landscapes so endlessly soothing, I concentrate so well with these soundscapes in the background.

This from my post-apocalyptic sideproject Nebular Spool. At first, I made this video with some distant music, faint echoes of the recent withoutusness music album fading in and out. Eventually it just felt more pure and right without. All these videos where made over several years roaming European urban wilderness, you can read a longform article on the creation and relase of the music for the project.

You can follow Nebular Spool on Twitter or withoutusness on Instagram for a regular stream of photos and weekly cinemagrams of these deliciously peaceful places. You can follow the Facebook page for behind-the-scenes material, and I regularly post making-of material on my Patreon artist page.


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