Tentacle Lullaby – Live Music Video


Here is a new music video for Tentacle Lullaby, performed in realtime on livestream from the studio on Aug 20th 2020.

Tentacle Lullaby was originally released on the now-lost EP “Chromosome Corrupt” from 2008, and then featured in the film music for the Pushwagner documentary in 2011. It was one of the most requested tracks from the first season of livestreams.

This track was part of a longer livestream session, performing in total 10 tracks, several of them brand new. You can watch the full livestream recording my Patreon. The Video + Music tier gives you access to not only this full stream, but a library of all previous livestreams plus exclusively made Patreon videos.

The next livestream concert is on September 17th, 2020, part of regular monthly shows. The livestreams are free to watch in realtime, and the full recordings available on Patreon the next day.


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