The new Useeum – a most curious exhibition


Introducing the USEEUM – a virtual exhibition space where I will showcase all kinds of external use, fan reactions and all the interesting connections my music creates, like the hilarious drawings of Pierre Meisels.

The exhibition aims to collect works, links, media and stories, all kinds of cool things resulting from, connected to or inspired by what I’ve published. A most curious collection of consequences. I’m always so grateful when people send me their stuff, and this is both a way to “acknowledge” how important this is to me, and also a space to collect and document this over time, and be able to show it to others.

I am very much looking forward to growing this collection – if you know of something, either you made yourself or someone else, please alert me to it and I’ll add it to the collection. Please also do remind me if you’ve told me of something before, but it is not included as of yet. I haven’t been able to go through all of my messages and notes, I know for sure there are so many things further back in time that I should display here but I can’t easily re-find them, I’ll have to get to it over time.


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