Your Apathy Is Important To Us


The final track of 2020 Your Apathy Is Important To Us is a peaceful and melancholic orchestral trip-hop track, in the lo-fi vein of Lemon Jelly and early Moby. Listen with Spotify, Bandcamp, Youtube, Soundcloud, Apple.

This is then the fourth single from upcoming album Scavenger Royale, after Incandescent, Miracle and Anemoia. The album was originally scheduled for release a few weeks ago in November, but because of the pandemic we’ve had so much time lost due to the chaos with the recent anniversary tour, and had to reduce production work on the album. I’m still patiently finishing tracks and releasing them as singles, expect next track sometime early 2021, album closer to summer.

You can watch a live version of this track in the recent Ugress Livestreams NOV 12th.



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