Livestream Season 3 starts Feb 18


Incredible news – Ugress has signed a three-season livestreaming deal with netcasting behemoth Network 22. The first episode premieres already on February 18th, and the Youtube event is taking signups. Secure your place now.

This marks another win for the notoriously pixeled cybertronic band, whom just finished both a physical and virtual world tour. Ugress spokesclone WIZRD made a brief statement: “We will stream hard and [redacted]all your [redacted].”

Jim Bates, C.E.O. of FaxBat AMG who owns Network 22, expressed his enthusiasm for the agreement: “Ugress is not only a profound voice in our cybersphere, it is also personally my favorite band. All of our stores have licensed their tracks for our customer journey soundtracks, and I have collected almost all of their exclusive cryptoart, an immense investment. I’m thrilled that Network 22 can provide a humble uncensored platform for the band to express their sonotopian vision.”

The season starts on February 18th at 20:00, and continues with regular monthly episodes.


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