Next livestream on Apr 8th


Ugress Livestreams episode #013 will be on April 8th at 20:00 CEST. I create and perform live music videos. As always, watch at 

For this episode you can expect:

  • Klavier Aparat goes deep dreaming in AI landscape art
  • Brand new cover of a classic The Cure track
  • Mummified audience Zoom participation
  • Dreamstroying all the possible futures
  • Jim Bates and Snowdrop duke it out over eMox
  • I battle  against my 640 480 AI self in a neural datacenter

The episode runs around 45 minutes of official showtime. You can also join the warmup hangout that starts 30 minutes before, from 19:30, where I talk about the tracks, upcoming plans and chat with the comments.


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