Behind-The-Scenes Report From “Brudeferden” in Tromsø


Here is a 5 minute video report from my two Ugress performances at the STUF silent movie festival in Tromsø, Norway, April 2021.

First I did “Brudeferden i Hardanger” from 1926, together with a super-band of Norwegian artists: 9 grader nord, Krakow, Annlaug Børsheim and Nasra Ali Omar. Then with Nasra again I also did two short films for the kids part of the festival, “The Cook” and “Get Out And Get Under”. The video shows preparations, rehearsals and performances.

This is a shorter 5 minute version of the full 15 minute behind-the-scenes video, available on my Patreon.  In the full version I go deeper on each step of the process, and talk a bit more about the challenges we had. You can see more of pre-produc tion work, quarantine rehearsals and my epic hikes in Oslo, more footage from soundcheck and longer excerpts of the performances, and most juicy, I show you around our luxurious backstage areas and the afterparty 😉

This is a good example of the regular content I’m posting or livestreaming monthly on Patreon.

For more information on this project, you can visit the project on my composer site:


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