Miracle Of The Shaolin Moonwolf – Livestream Music Video


Here is the livestream music video for Miracle Of The Shaolin Moonwolf, released late last year.
This is a realtime music video, where I’m performing live wolf-howls through autotune, and live electric violin. The track is performed live on Youtube with responsive visuals during the monthly livestream shows, the wolves in the background are reacting live to me playing the howl samples. This take is from episode #14, recorded live on May 20th, 2021. You can watch a playlist of all previous episodes.
The original single release of this track from 2021 has “wilder” howls, which was easier to control for the released track since I could place them well in non-realtime. However these howls always ended up being a bit too chaotic when performing them live (since they are randomly selected whenever I press a MIDI key). I therefore made an updated live version, where the howls are stricter controlled and my improvisation always overrides the autotune with notes in the current key of the track. This makes for less chaotic and more musical howling wolves, and of course then also any mistakes are then clearly also mine. 🙂
See you at the next livestream on June 17th as always at ugress.tv.

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