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Great news and important updates on upcoming live concerts.

All Ugress live shows in Bergen, Oslo and Stockholm will go as planned, details for each venue below. There are limited tickets left at each show, we expect to sell out.  You can watch the concerts streamed on my Patreon if you can’t make it. We’re also doing an epic film concert in Trondheim September 3rd. Regular monthly livestreaming continues on Youtube on September 16th.

Ugress Live Concerts Aug/Sept

Each venue will have two performances and follow all local regulations. I’m finished certified vaccinated.

Bergen! Teglverket, Kvartet, Bergen on August 26th, shows at 18:45 and 21:45 (doors open 45 minutes before). Shows will start precise. FB event, tickets. This will be a solo performance with full live cinema production. The 21:45 show is sold out. Right now the 18:45 show still has about half of the tickets left. If you already bought at ticket for one of the originally planned shows back in 2020 and are unsure which time is now “yours”: If your ticket has the word “Ekstraforestilling” on it, your time slot is 18:45 and if not, you’re at 21:45. You can contact the organiser Realistforeningen if you need assistance (contact info at bottom).

Oslo! Parkteatret, on September 2nd, shows at 18:45 and 21:45 (doors open 45 minutes before). Shows will start precise. Program, FB event, tickets. This will be a full live cinema duo performance with my long time collaborator Nasra Ali Omar on drums. The 18:45 show is sold out. Right now there are 27 tickets left for the 21:45 show. If you already bought a ticket (multiple times, I know) for the previous shows, you should have received an email from Parkteatret yesterday informing you of which timeslot is now yours. If you haven’t, please contact them directly at: info at parkteatret dot no

Stockholm! Sub Snotty, Snotty Seaside, on September 4th, shows at 18:00 and 20:00 (I don’t have exact door open info yet.) FB event, tickets. This will be solo performances with full live cinema production. The 20:00 show is sold out. There is right now 11 tickets left to the 18:00 show. If you bought your ticket to one of the originally postponed dates, and is unsure which time-slot is now yours, the 18:00 tickets all have “18:00 show” in the show title, the 20:00 tickets have either “20:00 show” or NO time info in the title. If you are still unsure, just contact me (with the name and/or email of the ticket purchase) and I can quickly look up and confirm your slot.

I am extremely excited and very much looking forward to finally do these shows, some are almost 18 months delayed!

Can’t make it? The full evenings will be streamed in realtime on my Patreon Live tier, just like last year. Audio and video stream directly in realtime from the venue, from soundcheck to we start packing down. This is an ongoing experiment, and quality of experience is dependent on facilities at each venue (usually their wi-fi coverage, but also timing, cabling, crew). I will always prioritise the real concert and the real audience first, so I can’t always guarantee focus on the stream. But the experience from last year, out of four shows, two worked out really great, one was okay and one was hilariously bad (venue wi-fi), and most importantly the community of viewers from all over the world had a great time chatting and hanging out every time, I check in with the realtime chat as often as I can.

Film concert in Trondheim

Trondheim! On September 3rd we’re performing my score to Brudeferden i Hardanger at majestic Rosendal Teater. Tickets. This is a cinema film concert, to the epic Norwegian silent film from 1926, with the band performing in realtime under the screen. Performed by Ugress, Krakow, 9 grader nord, Nasra Ali Omar. This is also done under restrictions so very limited capacity at the theatre.

The concert redefines classical national romanticism, through electronica, metal, world, folk, ambient, rock and reggae. Dramatic landscapes and majestic celluloid emotions clash in the cinema darkness, musically expressed by a super-band consisting of western Norwegian artists. This will be the third, and possibly last, full performance with full ensemble of this work.

Ugress TV season 4 premiere 

Back into the series of tubes! On September 16th, monthly livestreams continues with Ugress TV #016. I’ve spent the summer creating new material, trained my AIs, and updating the production and preparing for another winter of regular episodes. Very excited to present new tracks, new visuals and see you all again.

With this episode and going forward, I will focus on Youtube only, and no longer stream simultaneously to other platforms. The streams will as always be open to everyone, with a 30 minute hangout and warmup, before around 45 minutes of music concert. You can participate with your webcam on Zoom.

That’s it for now, much looking forward to seeing you either at a show or a stream very soon.

Take care,
GMM / Ugress


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