Ugress TV livestream season 4 premiere


Regular monthly livestreams continue with season 4 premiere on Youtube this Thursday. You can expect:

  • Ugress.TV #016, at Sept 16th, 20:00 CEST
  • Full, live music video performances
  • Me playing the electric violin, willow flute, virtual keys and samples
  • Exciting video reports from recent Scandinavian tour
  • Seriously upgraded AI visuals going amok with monsters
  • Monumental landscapes and diluting deserts
  • Dreams come true, but are they bad
  • Your 90ies lifestyle is questioned
  • Zoom audience integration, hangout and chat

As always, you can participate with your webcam via Zoom, and appear on stream as audience. There is also a live warmup with hangout and chat, this starts 30 minutes before from 19:30 CEST. The music video concert performance starts at 20:00, runs for approximately 45 minutes so finishes around 20:45. After the stream there is a Discord backstage afterparty for Patreons.

Note that from season 4 these livestreams are now YOUTUBE ONLY. I’m dropping all other platforms for a while to focus on Youtube, will explain this decision during the hangout.


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