Ugress presenting at by:Larm 2021


I’m presenting my work at a panel of the by:Larm music conference in Oslo this week, talking about how I mad-science hacked data, platforms and new technologies to not only survive a pandemic, but turn it into an artistic opportunity.

The panel is “Ugress & Chartmetric – reaching new fans“, with an overall perspective is how to use data and technology both artistically and practically to develop as an artist, and also as a label, since I run my own record company.

This will be together with the brilliant data scientist Michelle Yuen of Chartmetric, who will analyse and interpret the results from a data perspective, and together with Kjersti Brochs of Ingrooves and her deep experience from the indie parts of the music industry, we’ll look at how to go from here towards the future, combining art, data and technology to reach the right audiences.

The conference has decided to not be stream the talk, but am hoping to tape it myself and will make it available on my Patreon after the conference.


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