Live at MarteLive Festival, Roma, Italy


dracu-preprod-1080p-50fpsPerforming two live shows at the MarteLIVE Biennale festival this week, in Rome. The performances are part of the Nordic Landscapes programme at the Pelanda Factory, attached to the MACRO Museum of Contemporary Arts.

ROMA 2089 is a 30 minute musical work that uses sounds, graphics and video from Roma city to build a retro-futuristic observation of Rome today, built through a recent residency at Circolo Scandinavo, June 2014. It involves vampires, gladiatrixes, singing fountains and mutated elephants amok in churches.
Ugress Live is an upgraded electro-cinema show with both released and unreleased Ugress tracks, electronic music with a cinematic twist. This time I’m experimenting with realtime digitally processed acoustic-instruments and trying out some new customized visuals.

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