New artist Gisle Martens Meyer for soundtracks


I’ve launched a new official artist Gisle Martens Meyer on Spotify, Bandcamp and Youtube and this artist premiers a brand new soundtrack release today. With this absolutely totally not at all narcissistic cloning operation, I’m then reorganizing the Ugress catalogue, and moving all the previous soundtrack releases to this artist profile. For two main reasons:

1. This makes the Ugress catalogue essentialy more “Ugress” and less all over the place.

2. This creates an opening for me (both of me) to then go all over the place and release more of the film, TV and weird art stuff I’ve made, both historically catching up with missing releases and also providing new stuff coming up, several films and comissions are in production right now. The first release is already out today, The Passion Of Joan Of Arc soundtrack.

Ugress is still a featured artist on the previous soundtrack releases, which means there should be no changes to anyones likes, playlists, saves or follows. If you’ve saved a track, it’s still there, just with a new artist title.

Except for Bandcamp, where they couldn’t manage to keep tracks in a collection when changing the artist name. For that reason, I’ve made all of the soundtracks on Bandcamp FREE for download for two weeks, so you can simply re-add them to your collections. If you bought any of them, you should have gotten an email about this yesterday.



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