Listening Now playlist updated for April

I’ve updated my monthly “listening now” playlist, this time with my most beloved panic room tracks, which is the only kind of music I’m listening to these days when not working.

Currently my curiosity for new and unfamiliar music is subdued. This is partly because of the special circumstances affecting everyone, but also because I’m super busy producing new material for immediate streaming concerts and upcoming new releases.

So I seek very familiar material for comfort, but also because exploring new music, no matter how delightful that can be, it also has a curation and attention cost. We’re all a bit stretched now, so I’m now guardedly reserving my curious attention to creation and production.

I selected maybe my top 10 “panic room” tracks. Makes for a really surreal playlist but its surreal times, so, there we are

The playlist is not fully representative, I wanted to include particular film music tracks from F.A.M.E., Beyong Rangoon, Black Rain and several other soundtracks, but none of these tracks are on Spotify ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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