Amazing Ugress comics by Pierre Meisels


Over time I’ve received a steady stream of fantastic and hilarious drawings and montages from Pierre Meisels, each drawing related to a livestream episode, a current project or a recurring theme like mad houseplants.

I adore these drawings so much, some of them are clever observations and connections, and all of them are funny in a very sweet way.

I’m always surprised and touched to learn what others see and choose to respond to in my work, which is often not what I would expect. Every time I see a reaction, I also understand something more about my own work. These artworks by Pierre are extra special in that sense, both as larger structures of what resonates in others become apparent and develop over time, but also as I can see reactions to my work expressed as a growing series of art. This is super interesting, and very, very touching. I’m deeply grateful for these.

Here is a gallery of just SOME of my favorites – I have many more, and if you pay attention to comments and posts on upcoming shows in social media, you might see even more of these “in the wild”.


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