Synthwave remake of my Gnosis demoscene work


Back in the 90ies I released music as the young naive demoscene artist Gnosis, I’ve written a longform article in the blog about this pre-Ugress work and you can poke fun of all the embarassing tracks in Spotify.

I was quite surprised to recently find that in 2013, an entity named A15135136 made a synthwave remake of Loom, one of these ancient Gnosis tracks! It’s pretty fun actually, full of glossy synths, pulsing bass and reverby drums, much more fancy than my grungy original. I have no idea who (or what! or why!) made this, maybe an artificial intelligence?

They have a spaceship that looks like a wooden, but electric synthguitar as their channel header. I love it. The gnostic mystery knows no limits.


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