Klavier Aparat – Deepdreaming livestream music video


Infinite deep-dreaming national classicism landscape paintings is the scene for the livestream music video for Klavier Aparat. This was first released on the Collectronics album from 2010, a compilation of singles and unreleased tracks from the period 2005 – 2010.
The video features an endlessly generated deep dreaming landscape, created by an AI trained from thousands of national classisism paintings. The artificial landscapes are then again depth-sensed by another AI so, my own position in this landscape is layered by what the AI thinks should be in front or behind at any time.
I’m performing electric violin and various virtual keyboard instruments. The track is performed live with responsive visuals during the monthly livestream shows, this take is from episode #13, recorded live on April 8h, 2021. You can watch a playlist of all previous episodes.
See you at the next livestream on June 17th, as always at ugress.tv.

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